Nora Center Workgroup

Catalytic Project

Vibrant and Connected Nora Center

Issues: Central “village” development pattern and the built environment. Pedestrian connectivity, crosswalks & safety. Engaging Nora Center businesses. Transit & Red Line.

Solutions: Advocate for high priority pedestrian infrastructure. Engage with businesses and developers, rapid transit planning process, Indy 2020 and revised Indianapolis Comprehensive Plan.

Priority: In the 2015 Nora Community Survey, respondents listed Nora’s Greatest:

  • Assets –”Monon Trail” (#1), “Neighborhood character defined by mature trees” (#2), and “Shopping nearby, grocery choices” (#3)
  • Liabilities –”History of favor of strip mall format development” (#5), “Lack of an understood center or focus” (#6), and “Lack of control or input over development” (#7)
  • Needs – “Walkable streets, crosswalks and parking lots” (#1), “Developers who will maintain, build value” (#2), “Center of focus, village” (#3), and “Efficient, alternate transportation options” (#6)
  • Desires –”Improved infrastructure: sound, streets, sewers, sidewalks” (#1), “Reimagined retail – less strip, chain based stand-alones” (#2), “Strong identity as a place of Indy’s future” (#5), and  “Public gathering place or center” (#7)

News & Events

The Nora Center Workgroup meeting notes and project plans are available in a public Google Docs folder. You do not need a Google account to view.


86th Street & Monon Trail crossing