86th Street Corridor Workgroup

Issues: Traffic congestion. Lack of “Nora” identity. Missing pedestrian connectivity at Keystone Ave. Unsafe Monon Trail at 86th St crossing.

Solutions: Complete streets agenda. Gateways. Re-engineered Monon Trail crossing at 86th Street.

Priority: In the 2015 Nora Community Survey, respondents listed Nora’s priority needs as “Walkable streets, crosswalks and parking lots” (#1), “Center or focus of village” (#3) and “traffic calming” (#5); “clogged unsafe roads” as the #1 liability; “passable 86th St for foot and bike traffic” as the #3 desire for Central Nora.

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Workgroup Meeting Notes

The 86th Street Corridor Workgroup meeting notes and project plans are available in a public Google Docs folder. You do not need a Google account to view.

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86th Street & Monon Trail crossing
Nora Alliance July 2015 meeting with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Off-street trail in Nora, Indianapolis
Off-street trail in Nora, Indianapolis