Nora 2021: Placemaking

At the October Nora 2021 meeting, we were joined by special guest speaker Scott Stulen. Scott is the Curator of Audience Experiences and Performance, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and a resident of Nora.

Scott presented an exciting array of projects from Indianapolis and around the country, with particular attention to places that are similar in character to Nora’s suburban location. Some key takeaways from Scott’s presentation: start small, keep it fun, (art isn’t for everyone), just do it.

About Scott

Scott Stulen is a curator, artist, writer and dj whose work explores new forms of audience engagement, immersive experiences and collaborative platforms. He is the Curator of Audience Experiences and Performance at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, former Project Director of at the Walker Art Center and Associate Curator at the Rochester Art Center. He is currently leading a new division at the IMA (ARTx) to engage new audiences with immersive experiences throughout the museum and grounds along with curating all performing art programs.