Is this anything?

Once upon a time, late-night host David Letterman had a segment on his show where he asked this question. Pondering this gap in the facade along Nora Plaza’s eastern block (top photo) might lead one to ask, “Is this anything?”

facade at shopping center

Trail connection?

In 2016, a Ball State College of Architecture City Center team led by Justin Ferguson worked with Nora Alliance on ideas for a more pedestrian and bike-friendly Monon-adjacent center of Nora. These student ideas helped inspire developers reconfiguring the center that Marsh had departed (now Aldi) and the pocket park that Nora Alliance members built alongside trail’s east side, north of 86th. They also shared this idea (below) for connecting the trail to the Nora Plaza shopping center concourse to the west of the trail.

Maybe Nora Plaza developer Kite Realty has plans for the gap in facade? We’ll see. It could be something.

trail link concept photo

Concept: Pass-thru to trail. 

The Wave

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