Indy’s Community Districts: Where Does Nora Fit?

Strong place-making initiatives are thriving all around the city that serve to define cultural, residential and commercial “districts.”

Districting efforts are largely locally led initiatives to promote communities, and their efforts drive future planning and investment. Indianapolis’ Strategic Plan 2014 and current Plan 2020 initiatives are aggressively pursuing strategies to promote and invest in well defined community districts.

The Nora Alliance seeks your input to determine where Nora fits in these city-wide strategies.

Indy’s total population has declined for people over 35 and under 19 (City of Indianapolis: Strategic Plan 2014). This key finding demonstrates that Indy is seeing families with school-aged children choosing to move elsewhere, mainly the counties surrounding Marion County. They move someplace they perceive to provide better schools and a safer environment, even if such perceptions are not always real.

Nora offers an active community defined by family-friendly neighborhoods, choice shops, fabulous restaurants, and superior public schools. As such, Nora can play a key role in helping realize the city’s strategic plan.


We know people are attracted to vibrant neighborhoods, and will choose to invest time and money in an appealing neighborhood knowing they will benefit from this investment. By coordinating city services and investments, Indy’s unique neighborhoods will be prime locations for attracting new residents and increasing the property and income tax base. – CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS: Strategic Plan 2014

Guiding Principle: Invest in strong neighborhoods

This is one of the seven guiding principles defined by the Indy Strategic Plan 2014. “Strong neighborhoods will retain and then attract residents, resulting in growth. To do this, the City must do a better job of coordinating city services and departments and better leveraging city funds and resources.”