Indy to Promote Vibrant Neighborhoods

Indy’s 2014 Strategic Plan Goal 7:


Ultimately, there is no stronger vote of acknowledgment of a community’s success than to have residents living in its borders. In the months ahead, city officials, along with key community and neighborhood representatives will launch an initiative to bring attention to the opportunities of living in Indy. This initiative will tackle a myriad of issues and focus on several key opportunities.

Key Action: Create a powerful narrative for living in Indy

Why is this important?

Residents have choices in Central Indiana. Indy needs to be able to showcase its strong amenities and desirable neighborhoods to attract those residents to become a part of the social, economic and community fabric of the city. While clear narratives exist for working or visiting Indy, a comprehensive narrative for living here has not been created in recent history.

Key Action: Address the information deficit

Why is this important?

When a potential resident comes to Central Indiana, there is not always clear information available about Indy’s options for residential living. This is partly because of scale and size – Indy is nearly 400 square miles in geographic area. But it is also partly due to the lack of a coordinated effort to transmit information to relocation specialists, human resource departments and real estate agents. Both need to be addressed.

Key Action: Create access to art, nature and beauty every day for everybody

Why is this important?

While this strategic plan document highlights many of the “nuts and bolts” of cities, there are emotional and mental connections that exist and need constant nourishment and enhancement. To this end, Indy must strive to be a place that offers a value proposition of art, nature and beauty every day for everybody.

Source: CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS: Strategic Plan 2014