Indiana daylight savings time map eastern vs. central time zone

How Is Your Morning? It Would Be Brighter On Central Time

If you awoke (in the dark), got your kids off to the bus stop (in the dark), made it to work (in the dark), and thought to yourself (in the dark), “I really hate this Daylight Savings Time,” you might just be a fan of Hoosiers for Central Time and the Central Time Coalition.

You see, it’s not necessarily Daylight Savings Time to blame, rather that we observe Eastern Daylight Savings Time instead of Central Daylight Savings Time (Indiana’s geographically correct time).

The mission of the Central Time Coalition is to promote the allocation of available sunlight and darkness in a manner that provides the greatest peace, safety and well-being to the citizens of Indiana. Specifically, the coalition supports Central Standard Time in winter and Central Daylight Time the remainder of the year. Their website is a call to action to the Indiana legislature to finish the job and get Indiana on the “right” time. It is packed with facts about the impact of Eastern time on Indiana, links to studies, and an online petition to show your support Hoosiers for Central Time (also on twitter).

The graph below compares how many sunrises Indianapolis would have before 7am on Eastern time (120 days) versus Central time (315 days).

sunrise graph Indiana daylight savings time comparison

Sunrise before 7am


Whether you are a fan of daylight savings time or not, some humor might help you going in the early morning darkness. Here’s comedian John Oliver ripping Daylight Saving Time on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.