Graduate architecture students think about inclusive design in Nora

Last year you may have seen a Ball State bus rolling around Nora or parked near the Monon at 86th. That bus was transporting 30+ graduate students from the university’s College of Architecture and Planning program. The students were part of Professor Dorna Eshrati’s Masters of Urban Design, Inclusive Design class, an immersive course that encourages students to engage with the public and other stakeholders and focus on challenges in one community with a focus on inclusivity.

BSU Masters of Urban Design student Guillermo Rodriguez engages with a Nora resident.

They chose a focus on the community of Nora and worked with Nora Alliance. The students toured Nora on foot and by bus, conducted research, and presented their ideas to the community at the Dean Evans Center in late 2021. We will publish PDFs of their presentations in the coming weeks. Preview video, below:

Students presented ideas for parks, trail improvements, street designs, and more. The presentation to the Nora community included one group presentation plus 16 individual or small group presentations in an open format where residents could walk amongst the exhibits and engage with the students.

“The thought, energy, and creativity that these young people put into these presentations were very impressive.  I hope that we might be able to implement some of their ideas to make Nora a better place to live.”   – Nora resident and Nora Alliance Board Member, Paul Scherrer

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